Welcome to Once.. Histories. I am an independent researcher and offer research, advice, writing and editing, mostly in the field of history, journalism and the humanities in general.

The eternal ocean

The ocean has always fascinated me in various ways and she brings me joy and sustenance. The eternal ocean is awash with stories great and small, beautiful and horrifying. Stories of faraway lands and untold riches, stories of storms and battles, of pirates and sirens. Digging up these stories and bringing them to life is what I do.

(picture credit: Dutch National Archives)


Once.. Histories is Thomas Dresscher. I am a Maritime Historian. Most of the work I do is in the area of Maritime History and Archaeology and Colonial History, but it is not limited to these fields. I perform archive research all over Europe, give advice and undertake writing, translation and editing assignments in both English and Dutch.

My clients include the Dutch National Archives, the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE), Colorado College and the AoB (a teachers’ union). Please ask for samples of my work or check out my Facebook page.


(picture credit: Dutch National Archives)


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning my work.